Factory profile

Origins and establishment

Rest bottled water factory was established in the city of Wadi Douaser 2014 to produce and distribute bottled Rest water. In 2016, the factory produced 500 ml Rest water to be the first of its kind in the kingdom, where it was highly popular and acclaimed by consumers. With an average annual water output of about half a billion litres of bottled water and all shapes and sizes, the docked water plant has its own water purification unit.


Our products vary to meet the different daily needs of you and your members and to fit the places around you there are 200 mm small packagings for children that fit the size of the food box or school bag, and a 500 mm package suitable for your office or car and be elegant on meeting tables at work And on the banquet and cateringWith the

With Rest Water.. You’re surrounded by nature.


بخطوات بسيطة نصلك أينما كنت

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