Stages of production

Phase 1: Treatment

The underground well is a source of water without pumping that uses tubes to allow groundwater exposed to pressure to climb to the surface. Water is naturally purified as it passes through porous rocks where rainwater leaks into the ground and reaches the aquifer. For centuries, groundwater wells have been drilled where natural distilled water can be obtained. Chemical analyses of water samples suggest that groundwater is chemically homogeneous and has few dissolved solids and that water quality is excellent to good for irrigation.

Water is undergoing purification and distillation through many steps such as:

  • Purification Cabinets
  • Fine Membranes
  • UV rays
  • Ozone gas

Phase 2: Packaging and production

  • Polyethylene tube and forming
  • Washing and sterilizing bottles.
  • Packing and coverage
  • Labeling of packagings (adhesive mode) and date.

Phase 3: Packaging and Storage

The bottles pass into a temporary storage area waiting for automatic packaging and then pass to the warehouses.

بخطوات بسيطة نصلك أينما كنت

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